10 Healthy Halloween Treats Children Want

Since last year’s post was focused on a safe Halloween,Halloween-Safety-Graphic
we thought we’d focus this year on Healthy Halloween, while
reminding you to review last year’s safety tips!


Have you been touring Pinterest for Healthy Halloween ideas?

If not, we hope that the below images encourage you to do just that!

1. Our top healthy food handout recommendation (because so many of you hate it when we suggest inedibles as handouts): “Jack-O-Lantern” Cuties

Jack-o-Lantern Cuties


2. Breakfast: We actually found a round up of 7 ideas in one post, but these Apple Bites are what got our attention!

Halloween breakfast Apple Bites





3. Lunch: Monster Sandwiches (perfect for packing up for school): Monster-Sandwiches

4. Fruit Snack:  Wash and dry the fruit (you want the surface to be relatively dry.) Get some candy eyeballs, but just a few since the more you add the less healthy the snack.

Halloween Fruit Snack




5. Appetizer: Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks  Pretzel-Cheese-Broomstick-Appetizers

or maybe you’d prefer Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs (though you could save this one for Thanksgiving…we actually found so many deviled egg ideas it was hard to pick one)

6. Dinner: Jack-O-Lantern Turkey Cheese Burgers

Halloween Burgers

(though some of our colleagues really wanted the Crescent Mummy Cheese Dogs to win…and they probably would have if we were going for cute instead of healthy)


7. Vegetables: oh my, there are so many cute pictures, but for healthy that is more Halloween than Thanksgiving, we think these Clean & Sensible’s Goblin Grins win!

Goblin Grins

8. Drink: Black Light Lemonade



9. Dessert: ok, only sort-of healthy because of the apples
Jack Skeleton Chocolate Covered Apples
Skeleton-Applesor maybe you’d prefer these vegan & gluten free version of Poison Toffee Apples:



or Frozen Banana Mummies:

Frozen Banana Mummies




10. If you didn’t see anything here you like, we encourage you to go to Pinterest and type in “healthy halloween”…but be prepared to spend way too much time down that “rabbit hole”!


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