4 New Exercising Options with Real Benefits

Are you exercising?
Bet you have heard all the reasons why you should, right?
Maybe some of those reasons motivated you, at least for a little while.

This week, our inbox has been filled with 4 health related exercise stories.
Since we couldn’t choose one to highlight, we are going to summarize them
all for you in this one post.

1. Treadmill Desks: Have you been intrigued to try one?  trekdesk-logo
Multi-tasking at its best, right?! The Dallas 311 office has found that those that are using the treadmill desk are losing weight and making healthier choices. On the flip side, we have also read that other companies have stopped using them because some employees are making more errors and getting hurt.

2. The Electric Bike: They are seen as green AND healthy. So the green is obvious, right? But healthy…? As stated in this SF Gate article (which also provides a list of the current top 5 models):  Faraday_Hero_White_e-bike

“Many of the models are “pedal-assist” meaning the motor kicks in when a rider pushes the pedals. The pedal-assist function may be calibrated or turned on or off, so the rider controls how little or how much physical effort to exert.”

3. Benefits of Light Daily Activity, especially for the elderly:

“Data from more than 1,100 adults in their 70s and 80s who had limited mobility showed that those who had some daily movement, including slow walking or light housework, had a lower risk of heart attack over the next decade,” reported HealthDay last week.

4. For those that dread exercising, study says that exercising mindfully actually makes it more enjoyable:

“Mindfulness is a popular buzzword that most of us associate with meditation, yoga and spirituality, although its definition in popular culture can be loose and subjective. In experimental psychology, the word is more rigorously defined as controlled attentiveness, a deliberate “awareness of what is happening in the present moment,” as the authors of the new study wrote…”People who reported being mindful during exercise also generally reported satisfaction with exercise.”

Thanks, TalkAndroid, for the image!

So, have we motivated you to exercise?

What exercise will you be starting?

We would be remis if we didn’t remind you that getting healthier through exercise could also lower your health insurance premiums. If you’d like to learn more about this, please complete the confidential form on our Contact Us page, and one of our experts will be in touch with you right away!

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