Aetna Adds Peer Support Platform to Employee Assistance Program

A SmartBrief link to an Aetna press release advised us that “Aetna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) members now have access to a social networking platform that connects them to peer support and behavior change professionals for help in overcoming chronic behavioral health conditions such as alcoholism, depression or stress” by licensing “the OneHealth platform as a purchase option for their EAP customers.”

According to a quote by Hyong Un, M.D., chief psychiatric officer and head of Resources for Living for Aetna Behavioral Health: “Employees need relationships and safe connections to make sustained changes to behavior.  OneHealth’s secure, HIPAA-compliant online and mobile platform gives Aetna EAP members access to integrated, condition-specific social health communities that offer emotional check-ins, evidence-based tools and game mechanics to help them manage their own care and sustain positive behavior change.  OneHealth’s Social Solutioning® platform provides support for a wide range of chronic behavioral and medical conditions, including alcohol addiction, tobacco cessation, depression, stress reduction, diabetes, obesity, respiratory conditions and caregiver/family support for addiction-related disorders, co-dependency and autism.”

“OneHealth conducted a pilot with members participating in Aetna’s Alcohol Disease Management and Intensive Care Management programs who had recently completed detox or addiction treatment. Data from the pilot indicated that 81 percent of members who visited the program’s website enrolled. Of the enrolled members, 76 percent showed consistent engagement by returning to the website two or more times.”

In reviewing the OneHealth site, we learned that they’ve had quite the year already:  they secured $9million in Series B funding just days before the Aetna announcement, were hired by Safeway in late February, released a mobile app only one week before that, signed by Horizon just two weeks prior, and signed with Magellan, Cenpatico and Amerigroup all in January.

What do you think about EAP programs?  Have you ever used one?  Was it a positive experience?  What do you think of incorporating a peer support platform?  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.  We look forward to learning from you.

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