Cancer May Suck Less for More Thanks to View Ray at UCLA

Cancer sucks!


No one would argue with that, right?!
Maybe soon it’ll suck a little less for some folks.

Thanks to a UCLA Vital Signs mailing, we learned
of a new MRI-guided radiation treatment.

Did you know that tumors move?
It makes sense, but I guess we never really thought about it.
As you can see in the short video above,
tumors move as we move. The example in the video is lung cancer.
Tumors move as the patient breaths. Well, duh, right?
Never really thought about it.

If we breath while undergoing radiation treatment
(and who doesn’t?), the tumor moves out of range,
and healthy tissue gets radiated. Hence all the side-effects.

But with this new technology, as we breath, the radiation stops,
until the tumor returns to the set position, thereby decreasing
the side effects from healthy tissue being radiated.

Awesome, right?!

This new technology is called ViewRay, and UCLA’s
Department of Radiation Oncology in one of only 3 locations
worldwide. For those readers that are not in California,
the other two locations, according to ViewRay’s own site:


  2. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN CARBONE CANCER CENTER in Madison, WI (the first site, according to a Sept. 10, 2014 Press Release)

This article sparked some debate in our office:
Would you explore a such a new treatment?

What if you had to pay for it because it wasn’t covered by your insurance plan?

Or, perhaps you’ve been in this position before and would be willing
to share with us what cutting edge treatment you have already tried
and how that experience effects your willingness to try another new
treatment option.

Of course, we don’t know whose health insurance will cover
this treatment. If this is your concern and you need assistance
with your health insurance coverage, please complete the
confidential form below, and one of our experts will be in touch
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