Is this a Cold or the Flu?

With record braking heat in southern California, it’s hard to remember that we are rapidly approaching fall and the final quarter of the year.

Of course, for those with children, the beginning of school and their requisite fall activities helps remind many parents.

And then there’s the endless fliers from various health organizations offering the annual Flu Vaccine. In fact, we received an email from Anthem Blue Cross almost six weeks ago entitled: “Understanding a cold vs. the flu” which advised employers to send their employees to a chart on their Time Well Spent site, reproduced for you here:


In reviewing the chart, it is clear that some items are likely covered by your health insurance, while some are not.

For example, it states that the only way to truly be certain is for your doctor to tell you. Most of us feel pretty silly seeing the doctor for a cold, though that office visit could be part of your annual physical which would be covered as preventative care by most health insurance policies. And, if it is the flu, the antiviral medication that might be prescribed is also usually covered by most health insurance policies.

Of course, either way, the best advice is that if you don’t feel well, stay home. Not only will you recover faster, you will avoid spreading the illness to your colleagues.

And, yes, prevention is still the best medicine, and Anthem Blue Cross was happy to offer a 2 page pdf of their recommendations which include:

* Getting the flu vaccine every year (typically covered by your health insurance);
* Clean shared surfaces OFTEN like door handles, counter tops, telephones, keyboards, steering wheels, remote controls, etc.
* Make sleep a priority because a rested body can more easily fight off infection;
* Stay hydrated by drinking water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine, both of which can be dehydrating; and
* Wash your hands like a pro (see the 5 points they cover in the pdf).

Just for fun, we checked out Yahoo Health’s “Cold & Flu” section, and found 5 intriguing articles:

* “5 Stupid Things Sick People Do”
* “The Meds Pharmacists Take”
* “Right Now, Germs are Spreading Like Wildfire Through Your Office”
* “5 Foods that Break Down Your Immune System”
* “The Best Workout for Flu Prevention”

Which one will you be checking out first?

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