Why Do I Need Critical Care Insurance?

Has your agent or broker ever talked to you about Critical Care Insurance?

Many do not and thus many potential patients do not even know it exists.

A couple of weeks ago, some of our colleagues recorded the below video
to highlight the need for critical illness coverage.

“The video here addresses the challenge of how agents help their clients to understand the need for critical illness coverage…[Agents] are free to focus on the various features or what the appropriate levels of coverage should be. In the case of Critical Illness insurance, however, few consumers have heard of the product and fewer still understand why they need it.

“Some producers help their clients understand the need by creating a scenario and asking what they would do if suddenly faced with high out-of-pocket bills as a result of surviving a critical illness. Others focus on the gaps inherent in many other forms of insurance, highlight what those policies don’t do, and show their clients how Critical Illness insurance can help to fill these gaps.”

We did a search for other recent articles on this important topic and
found very little that was written more recently than two years ago, and
even less that wasn’t tied directly to any specific insurer.

However, there is an entire website dedicated to helping consumers
wade through the many questions that come up once you begin to
consider this option.

If your agent or broker doesn’t offer Critical Care Coverage, please call
us so that we can help you understand the need and your options:

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