Cuba is Open for Business, for Those with Travel Insurance!

Did you hear that the embargo has been lifted (first time since 1962)?

“The United States announced it would restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in the country following the release of an imprisoned American contractor Wednesday. The breakthrough in diplomatic relations after decades of hostility between the two governments is expected to result in an easing of restrictions on remittances, travel and banking relations with Cuba, as well as the release of 53 Cuban political prisoners, according to the New York Times.”

Has the news inspired you to plan a much anticipated trip?

According to a Detroit writer:

“■Easier travel to Cuba for individual travelers.
■American travelers can use credit and debit cards in Cuba.
■As before, Americans can travel for 12 approved non-tourism reasons — to visit family, educational, religious, trade and more — basically any purpose that’s not lying on the beach.
■Americans can legally bring back $100 worth of Cuban cigars or rum.”

Did you know that Cuba requires travelers to carry travel insurance that includes medical?

Yup, since 2010.

Only the U.S. had an embargo so many others could still travel there,
leading Cuba to impose the requirement that:

“All travellers to Cuba must have a travel insurance policy with medical benefits when travelling to Cuba. The insurance policy must be purchased from the country of departure and upon demand, travellers must present a policy, insurance certificate or travelling assistance card valid for the duration of their stay in Cuba. This will be checked by an immigration official when you arrive in Cuba. If acceptable documentation is not provided, then you have to buy travel insurance in Cuba.”

What would your travel itinerary look like?

One article we found is all about cigars and another provides tours.
Ready to day dream?

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