Covered California Open Enrollment 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Covered California Open Enrollment 2019

Do you need California health insurance but need the application details?covered California open enrollment 2019

Here’s what you need to know about Covered California open enrollment in 2019.

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, healthcare has been a confusing political battleground. The first year of President Trump’s presidency has brought more concerns to the healthcare system.

This has left a lot of people confused and concerned about what is even going on and where the current system stands. For those in California, the answer is not as difficult as it may seem. Read on below for a more thorough look at what covered California Open Enrollment 2019 means for you.

The Details of the Covered California Open Enrollment of 2019

Staying informed on your healthcare options is important. As such, knowing how to navigate the complex details of it will be one of your main concerns. Here are the major details of the covered California open enrollment you need to know. 

Extended Enrollment Period

The enrollment period changed by President Trump had shrunk to a small 6 week period. California kept the original Affordable Care Act enrollment period of 3 months, going from the last quarter of the year until January 15th. 

As well, President Trump had cut a lot of advertising on the Affordable Care Act’s enrollment period. This has led to many be confused or even unaware of when it started and ended. 

The end result is less overall advertising for healthcare enrollment and as such always be open to double-checking deadlines and due dates.

The Same Insurers

Many have had major concerns over the overall healthcare market shrinking overall because of large changes under a new government. Fortunately for California, all the major insurance providers have not left. 

There are 11 major healthcare insurers in California. These insurers range from major companies like Anthem Blue Cross to smaller local providers. 

An Increase in Premiums

The major concern brought up by many Americans is whether healthcare premiums would increase. The sad truth is that, for most Californians and Americans alike, healthcare premiums could increase by seven to eight percent.

The good news is that this is an average and you can avoid it. If you are willing to shop around and alter your plan for a better deal, you can avoid the markup and even walk away with a reduction.

Where to Apply

Knowing what is going on is one thing, but knowing how you can get more information on specific policies and where to apply for coverage is key. When in doubt, talking with the people who are working in enrollment can help.

You can find the website for Covered California located here. There are also local enrollers you can contact. You can find that list, along with more information, on the official enrollment website.

Staying Informed on Healthcare

Healthcare is an important facet of any bit of modern society. Understanding how to work with Covered California Open Enrollment 2019 will be a key hurdle to making sure you and your family stay covered and safe. 

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