Flu shot, or Scared of Santa?

Flu shot, or scared of Santa? Can you guess

why these tots are crying?

All happy families are alike, and so are unhappy toddlers, whether they’re getting a shot at the doctor’s office or perched unwillingly on Santa’s lap. But Jimmy Kimmel had fun Tuesday night seeing if his audience could guess what was upsetting a few testy tots.

via Flu shot, or scared of Santa? Can you guess why these tots are crying?

Ok, what we were really looking for was the digital version of the AARP article with a cool
infographic on how to tell whether what you are feeling is a cold or the flu…sure hope our
info is easier to find than theirs!

Although we couldn’t find that infographic, here are the important bits of article from AARP’s
December 2015 Bulletin:

  1. Gargle Daily: “Once the cold and flu season starts, gargle daily and take probiotics. Gargling can lower your risk of getting sick, research shows, and probiotics may also help prevent colds and boost your immune system…eating yogurt with active cultures or taking a probiotic supplement. Supplements containing lactoacillus should have at least 5 billion colony-forming units per daily serving.”
  2. Feed a Cold AND a Fever: “The body needs healthy food and, especially, lots of liquids to help fight against both a fever and a cold.”
  3. Stay Home: “You’re contagious even before your symptoms start getting bad, say infectious-disease experts, so if you wake up feeling under the weather, the virus is already multiplying. Plus, you remain contagious for five to seven days after becoming ill. So do your colleagues a favor – stay home and don’t infect them.”
  4. Prevent the Flu: “Green tea has catechins, a type of antioxidant that can help protect against the flu, studies suggest. Even more dramatic: A 2012 study found that wearing a surgical mask and regularly washing your hands during the flu season resulted in a whopping 75 percent reduction in flu risk. Need another reason to wash your hands? Viruses survive on surfaces between two and eight hours, so people touching door-knobs and countertops who then touch their mouth or nose can get sick as the virus enters their respiratory tract.”
  5. Think have the flu? Pick up the phone: “Prescription antiviral drugs, such as Tamiflu, can shorten your misery by one to two days and help prevent complications such as pneumonia, but you need to take the medication within the first two days of the start of symptoms. In other words, don’t wait to call your doctor.”

Looking for that infographic?

Here it is:


Wishing you healthy week!

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