George Geldin with a 2014 Individual Open Enrollment Update Video

Hi, this is George Geldon with an individual insurance open enrollment roundup.

This is dated October 29th 2014.

I’m gonna touch on Medicare, Covered California and other individual plans.

Right at this time, for those people in Medicare, we’re in the midst of
Medicare Open Enrollment.

Medicare Open Enrollment started on October 15th, and goes until December 7th.

This is for Medicare beneficiaries who either want to enroll in or change
their Medicare Advantage plans or their prescription drug plans, also known as
Medicare Part D plans.

This is not an Open Enrollment for people on Medicare Supplement Plans or people
who want to enroll in Medicare Supplement Plans.

If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan which is being discontinued where you live,
in 2015, you will have a special open enrollment which will extend to the end of
the year so you can enroll in a new plan to be effective January 01st 2015.

Also right now, we’re in the renewal period for those who are already on
individual plans through Covered California, our state’s health insurance
exchange, or Marketplace (they like to call it Marketplace).

The renewal for those people on those plans started on October 13th and it goes
until December 15th. In many cases there’s nothing for an enrollee to do to
re-enroll or renew on their plan.

If the Covered California enrollee has given consent to Covered California
to verify their income and there’s no change to other information and there
are no changes to their health plan, there’s nothing to do for those people.

However, if the Covered California enrollee has not given permission to
Covered California to verify their income or they have changes in their
application information, or their plan is no longer available in 2015,
if they’ve been notified of that, or if the enrollee simply just wants to
change their plan, the enrollee under Covered California must actively
renew this year for their plan to be effective next year.

This can be either done online through www.CoveredCA.com or by calling
Covered California at 800.300.1506

I know currently Covered California is having a lot of problems with their
online system so if you are one of these people who wants to or needs to
actively renew their Covered California plan, it’s best to call that number
and do it over the phone.

Now lastly, we’re starting the individual open enrollment, individual insurance
open enrollment on November 15th and that’s going to extend from November 15th
to February 15th.

You must apply by December 15th on these individual plans, either through
Covered California for people applying new to Covered California, through
Covered California, or directly to an insurance carrier.

You must apply by December 15th to be effective, either to have your new plan to
be effective January 01st 2015. Now this is for people who are switching plans,
as well as for those who are uninsured and who are applying for the first time.

To review I have my prop. Here’s my prop. I hope I can see it really well so that
I can see see it for you.

There we go:
Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15th of this year to December 7th. Remember,
this is just for Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans, it’s not
for Medicare Supplements.

The Covered California Renewal Period:
October 13th to December 15th. This is for people renewing their plans.

Also, or in addition, the individual Open Enrollment for both Covered California and
off-exchange plans is November 15th to February 15th of 2015.

You must apply by December 15th to be effective January 1st, or your new plan to be
effective January 01st.

If you apply after that, during the Open Enrollment but by January 15th, you will be,
you can be effective February 1st.

If you apply by February 15th, you will be effective March 01st of 2015.

And then, lastly, I have a little plug here for No on Proposition 45.

As an informed voter, this is the first time I’ve ever done this,
as an informed voter, I just recommend that you get the information, get the facts:
we in the insurance industry think it’s going to be,
if it passes, will be…how shall I said it? Have adverse affects
to health care and the insurance industry as a whole and which will
ultimately be paid for by consumers.

Anyway this is George Geldin.
Thank you so much for your attention, and if you don’t see my little
videos before the end of the year, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, a
wonderful new year ahead, and good luck in 2015!

Thanks so much for listening!

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