The Campaigns for Health Care Reform

Campaigning for Health Care Reform

We’ve written about the upcoming changes to health care in previous blog posts, but we just received a health care reform email update from Humana, stating that “a PR and educational campaign focused on the virtues of the health reform law” began in Washington DC.  “The campaign will be waged on the ground, on television and through social media channels – to tout the general benefits of the health reform law, and to encourage people to enroll in health plans on the state exchanges.”

Non-Profits for Health Care Reform

Organizing for Action, an advocacy group that grew out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign, ran its first pro-reform law ad, which highlights ways the law is helping people. In the ad, the audience sees a doctor examining a patient, while a voice says that thanks to the reform law, the doctor ‘is seeing more seniors for free wellness visits.’ A picture of a man doing paperwork is accompanied by a voice that says, ‘He received a $150 rebate from his health insurance company.'”

The following day, “Enroll America, the non-profit organization leading the effort to enroll the uninsured in health plans, kicked off its multi-million-dollar ‘Get Covered America’ campaign. The group’s president said 50 events are scheduled (the first week) in 18 states. Their strategy is to knock on doors, run radio and TV ads, partner with church and civic groups, and be where lots of people are…Right now, she said, ‘we’re at a place where 78 percent of the uninsured are not even aware of what is coming their way’ – meaning they don’t know about the opportunity for them on the exchanges.

Health Care Reform Exchanges

Closer to October 2013, “the Department of Health and Human Services also will promote the law through an ad campaign and at the grass roots level, also to get people to enroll in exchange health plans.  At that point, the President, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and other Cabinet officials plan to go on the road to tout reform as well.”

Do you think these PR campaigns will help raise awareness of access to health care reform options?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.

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