Health Care Reform Countdown

As we write this, we are about 50 days from January 01, 2014 , the date at which the law currently states you will be fined if you are not insured somehow for health insurance.

As of this same date, California’s health insurance exchange states:  “Nearly 60,000 people have enrolled in health coverage through Covered California since October 1. In fact, in November people are enrolling at double the rate of October – at nearly 2,000 people a day.”

Interestingly, Federal government released their numbers today and stated that, “Roughly 106,000 people are successfully enrolled in the new healthcare exchanges.”  According to an Orange County Register article, “Total signups represent only 1.5 percent of the government’s 7 million target.”

For those of us that play with numbers all day, that means that 56% of those that are insured nationally today through a health insurance exchange, are insured in California through Covered California.  Wow!

You have probably heard about the glitches in the Federal health insurance exchange.  Boy, do they sound awful!  In case you are unaware, none of those issues are found in Covered California (yay for California!).

Interestingly,  we noticed an article in the Orange County Register last week that quoted Peter Lee, Covered California’s Director saying that “the real push to enroll people has not yet started in earnest.  That will begin with a blitz of paid advertising, regional events and celebrity messages, on November 15, 2013.”

What about you?  Are you covered?  Do you have a story to share about Covered California or the new health insurance reform law?  Please share in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.

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