When Do Those New Health Insurance Exchanges Open?

Did you know that “Ninety percent of Americans don’t know when the new health insurance exchanges will open, according to a new survey released today by InsuranceQuotes.com.”  If you are part of that 90%, please read on!

“A major component of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the new health insurance exchanges will be available for online and telephone enrollments beginning on October 1, 2013. They will enable individuals to compare and buy health insurance policies. Coverage will begin on January 1, 2014. The health insurance exchanges are a core tenet of the individual mandate that will require all Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a fine. As a result, tens of millions of previously uninsured Americans are expected to gain access to health insurance.”

The article we read on Insurance Broadcasting provided a lot of alarming statistics.  “”The main takeaway from this research is that a lot of people need to study up on health care reform and what it means to them,” said Laura Adams , senior insurance analyst, InsuranceQuotes.com. “We found a very inconsistent understanding of the Affordable Care Act, and we fear that many people will miss key deadlines and benefits because they don’t adequately understand the new law.”

The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI).

For those readers that are here in California, the exchange can be found at CoveredCA.  They have been very active of late on various social media channels.  Of course, we are here to help you decipher your options as well.  What questions do you have about the upcoming changes and how they effect you?  Please share your questions/comments/concerns in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to address them publicly in general, or contact you directly if they are too specific.  We look forward to continuing this dialogue!

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