Health Insurance Pop Quiz…Only 5 Questions…And Their Answers

We are only days away from closing out the first quarter since
the end of the first open enrollment period under “Obamacare“.

Before we share with you the results of a new study we were sent,
please take just a moment to think about what you expect the study
to show.

1. Do you think most of those that are now insured were previously
insured or uninsured?

2. Of those that did not have insurance, how long would you expect
they were uninsured?

3. Of those that were previously insured, do you think they saved
money by switching?

4. Do you suspect that those who did purchase insurance through the
Exchanges, are happy or unhappy with their coverage?

5. Do you suspect that those who did purchase insurance through the
Exchanges had to rely on the government’s subsidies or not?

Ok, let’s break the suspense, shall we?!

An email we received yesterday included a reprint of a recent Los Angeles
Times article
summarizing a new survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

First, let’s be clear: the non-profit foundation is unconnected to the
Kaiser Permanente health plan, so we can rule out any perceived biase.

The study did answer the five questions we asked you to think about at
the beginning of this post. According to the study:
1. most of those that are now insured were previously uninsured:
“nearly six in ten Exchange enrollees were previously uninsured.”

2. “Among those who did not have insurance already, most had lacked coverage
for two years or more.”

3. “[T]hose who did previously have coverage and subsequently bought a plan
on the new marketplace more often than not saved money.”

4. “[T]hose most likely to feel they have benefited from the ACA are people
getting subsidies, those most likely to feel negatively impacted are those who
had their plans cancelled.” Having said that, however, “Overall, seven in 10
people who got marketplace plans rated their coverage as excellent or good,
according to the survey. A majority, 55%, said the plan was an excellent or
good value for what they paid.”

And, finally, #5: “The vast majority of consumers who bought marketplace plans
are receiving government subsidies to help offset the cost of their premiums,
according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

So, how did you do?
Are you brave enough to share your results in the comments section below?
Do you feel like challenging your friends to take The Quiz?
Go ahead, share it, we don’t mind at all!

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