Health Insurance Provider Networks Are A Changing

This is George Geldin again with a quick addendum
to my last posting because I forgot to mention a little
note about how the health insurance provider networks
have changed this year.

The provider networks on the carriers are different
than their old provider networks.

So, if you were on the Blue Cross PPO in prior years,
the new Blue Cross EPO network or their new Blue Cross PPO network,
whether it is On Exchange from Covered California,
if you purchase a plan from there, or if it is Off Exchange,
that you bought directly from Anthem Blue Cross,
those provider networks are different and
this is the same with basically all the carriers.

Cigna uses a new network which is called Local Plus
on their PPO Network, which is smaller than their old network.

Blue Shield uses a new network.
HealthNet uses a new network.
They are all using new networks.

So don’t take for granted that your doctor is in
the new provider network simply because they were
in the old provider network.

You need to check to make sure that your doctors are
participating on your new insurance plan,
if you have a new insurance plan, with the new network.

And the networks can be different whether you purchase
the insurance through Covered California, or On Exchange,
or if you purchase the insurance directly
from the insurance carrier, or Off Exchange.

So, it’s really an important point, and I just
wanted to make sure that you are aware of it.

When you talk to your health care provider, asking them,
they may consider your plan.
They may say, “Is it Obamacare?”

Obamacare is basically all of the new health care,
whether it’s on or off the exchange and basically all
the new reforms are, I guess, potentially considered Obamacare.

So, be careful about definitions that are thrown at you by the providers.
We had a lot of confusion with that, and just be wary
of your health care providers. Wary in the sense that you want
to make sure that they participate on your plan.

Anyway, I just want to bring that up.

Have a wonderful afternoon, evening, morning,
whenever you are seeing this, and thanks for your attention.
Take care!

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