This Week’s Healthcare News Roundup

This is what happens when we get inundated with healthcare news
and we can’t decide what to share…ok, here goes:

1. Were you hoping that the upcoming Open Enrollment period would
be easier than last years? Well, according to the John & Rusty report
we received, we have some sad news for you, especially if you are in California.

2. In related news, John & Rusty report that “Consumer Group Sues 2
More California Plans Over Narrow Networks,” specifically Cigna and Blue Shield of California.

Are you covered by either of these 2 insurers?
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3. Another John & Rusty article, entitled “Debate Grows Over Employer Plans
With No Hospital Benefits” states that:

“Letting employers avoid health-law penalties by offering plans without hospital benefits” cannot possibly be what Congress intended.

“As companies prepare to offer medical coverage for 2015, debate has grown over government software that critics say can trap workers in inadequate plans while barring them from subsidies to buy fuller coverage on their own.”

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4. For those that have received health care subsidies, Tuesday is the deadline to verify
your income, risk losing your coverage, or face paying back those subsidies.
This John & Rusty article states that:

“The need for people to pay back the government could become a headache during next year’s tax season, when Americans are expected to pay back any subsidies they weren’t eligible for.”

“Enrollees whose income changed during the year but didn’t update their information could also owe the government if they received larger tax credits than they were entitled to. The owed amounts could total thousands of dollars, health policy experts say.”

“Some experts say the repayment could be deducted from a tax refund, or consumers could have to write a check to the government if they don’t have a refund coming or it isn’t enough to cover what they owe.”

“Tuesday’s deadlines just apply to applicants who purchased coverage on the federal marketplace. But some states that set up their own exchanges for purchasing insurance are also requesting information.”

“In California, notices have gone out to consumers reminding them to update income changes online so there are no discrepancies at tax time, said Angelina Valencia, spokeswoman for Covered California, the state exchange. Letters went out to more than 290,000 families where the state may be awaiting income documentation or information about whether the family had a decrease or increase in its size, which could affect what they owe when they do their taxes.”

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