Wishing You Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Is one of your goals to be healthy (or at least healthier)?

Well don’t wait any longer…let’s start today!

Actually, some of you may have started earlier with a healthy Hanukkah.
We found a fun article earlier this month at One Green Planet.

Since this post is publishing on Christmas Eve, we looked up
ways to be healthier and found more than just recipes.

Did you know that there are whole debates on what is healthier
for our planet: a real tree or fake one? As we looked at these,
most of them leaned towards real trees for various reasons.
Here in California, some were advocating for fake trees
rather than water a real one. And then we got a few days
of really good rain and most of those conversations ended,
at least here.
Do you have a position on this debate?

Have you been looking for healthy gift ideas? There are
loads of ideas online for those too. Some of them geared
to specific demographics: women, under $50, “health nuts,”
DIY, and so on.

And, yes, there are loads of healthy Christmas recipes,
and we encourage you to review them and use healthier versions
of your favorite recipes.

After Christmas, there is Kwanzaa. Yes, we found loads of
healthy suggestions for Kwanzaa recipes, too, on all the
well-known recipe sites.

Yes, then there is New Year’s. And, yes, we will probably
be talking about how to have a healthy 2015 in next week’s

Will you be having a healthier holiday?
If so, what will you be doing to ensure you and your families health?
Please share in the comments section below.

P.S. We actually started this train with a healthy Halloween…and Thanksgiving…in case you missed them….

P.P.S  In case you are wondering, yes, we can still help if you
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