Wishing You All a Very Healthy Thanksgiving!


In keeping with our health themes, we went looking for ways to encourage a healthy Thanksgiving and found a lot too choose from (as you can see in these images):



The common theme is that traditional dishes can be healthy with just a few tweaks.

For example, below is what you’d find on our traditional table, with a few healthy tweaks:

* Turkey: as long as you keep to the recommended 3 ounces, don’t eat the skin and don’t slather it with gravy, turkey is already pretty healthy.

* Cranberry Sauce: we always use the recipe on the fresh cranberry bag, but we cut the sugar in half and enjoy the tartness of the cranberries. We’ve even known to warm up left-over sauce to pour of vanilla ice cream sometime over the weekend.

* Sweet Potatoes: bake them and don’t slather them with sugar, marshmallows and butter.
A little cinnamon and nutmeg can go a long way!

* Salad: as with any other meal, the danger is in the dressing. Personally, if there are enough flavors, I often don’t need dressing.

* Pie: we’ve opted for the traditional pumpkin. If you stick to only 3 bites of the filling without any whipped cream, you salvage a lot of unnecessary calories.

Oh, and to drink. Since none of us are big on alcohol, we only serve coffee, tea, water and sparkling cider which makes it easier to not drink our calories.

Even with this relatively small sampling, it is easy to overindulge.
I try to remember that the Japanese stop eating when they are only 80% full…
Good rule to remember, especially for holidays built around a feast!

Also good to remember is portion size.
We refer to this graphic frequently as a reminder:

The best counteraction to an overindulgence is a brisk post meal walk.

And if you can get most of the group to join you, it may be a start to a new holiday tradition.

And don’t stop there. Most of us have the day after of from work.

Continue the healthy boost by agreeing to a morning workout with a buddy!

Did we miss anything?
Please share your healthy holiday tips in the comments section below.

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