New Medicare Advantage Study: It’s Growing!

Are you or someone you love already enrolled in Medicare?
Are you (or someone you love) in your late 60s?

If you answered yes to either or both of those questions,
you seem to be the perfect demographic for enrolling to Medicare Advantage.

According to a recently published study, as reported by The Hill
earlier this week:

“…a majority of beneficiaries who enrolled in private Medicare plans between 2006 and 2011 were switching from the main program. This choice was most common among seniors in their late sixties….”

“Medicare Advantage enrollment is projected to increase to a new all-time high in 2015, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services….”

Although we have written about Medicare and Medicare Advantage
before, for those that may have missed it let’s spend the next
few minutes describing what Medicare Advantage is and why it’s
becoming so popular.

As written on the Medicare site:

“Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Medicare. You’ll get your Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance that covers certain doctor’s services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventative services) coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan and not Original Medicare (‘fee-for-service coverage paid directly by the government’).”

“Medicare Advantage Plans cover all Medicare services. Medicare Advantage Plans may also offer extra coverage.”

“Medicare pays a fixed amount for your care each month to the companies offering Medicare Advantage Plans. These companies must follow rules set by Medicare. However, each Medicare Advantage Plan can charge different out-of-pocket costs and have different rules for how you get services (like whether you need a referral to see a specialist or if you have to go to only doctors, facilities, or suppliers that belong to the plan for non-emergency or non-urgent care). These rules can change each year.”

“You usually get prescription drug coverage (Part D) through the plan. In some types of plans that don’t offer drug coverage, you can join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.”
To be clear, it’s one or the other; not both!

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