3 Key Facts that Demonstrate the Value of Medicare Advantage

A new article was published by AHIP with 3 key facts that demonstrate the value of Medicare Advantage.

First – Overall, seniors like Medicare Advantage. According to survey results published in the article:

90% of beneficiaries are satisfied with their plans, 94% are satisfied with the quality of care they receive, and 90% are satisfied with the benefits received in their Medicare Advantage plan.

This is right in line with their previously published article in March 2013.

Second – Medicare Advantage Plans, compared to the fee-for-service Traditional Medicare, are better at:

reducing preventable hospital re-admissions, increased primary care visits, and managing chronic illnesses.

Third – Medicare Advantage Protects Against Unpredictable Out-of-Pocket Costs by including out-of-pocket maximum for beneficiary costs, which are not offered by the traditional Medicare program. In fact, over half of enrollees are in plans that have annual out-of-pocket maximums of $5,000 or less!

These out-of-pocket maximums…help protect Medicare beneficiaries from catastrophic health care expenses that otherwise might pose a serious threat to their financial security.

As if that weren’t enough motivation to encourage you to enroll, “Medicare Advantage plans also help reduce out-of-pocket costs for enrollees by reducing premiums for Part B and Part D, and by limiting cost-sharing for Medicare-covered services, including primary care physician visits and inpatient hospital stays.”

According to the article, “(m)ore than 15 million seniors and individuals with disabilities have chosen to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan because of the better quality care and innovative services these plans provide.”

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