Last Push Before Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period Closes

Are you feeling pushed?

We’ve noticed some hard selling by some insurers to try to get those still uninsured into the federal or state health insurance exchanges before the open enrollment period closes on Monday, March 31st.

According to a recent New York Times article, some insurers have gotten quite creative:

A new insurance company in Colorado dispatched a throng of models dressed as cocktail waitresses onto the streets in recent days, offering nonalcoholic shots of juice to lunch-hour crowds in Denver. The models, in form-fitting dresses and high heels, handed out fliers reminding people of the fast-approaching March 31 deadline to sign up for health care coverage this year under the federal law.

Many are concentrating on hard-to-reach groups, sponsoring community events to attract people who had trouble enrolling on their own or need a nudge to take the time to sign up. Some are offering policies inside highly trafficked venues like drugstores or local Y’s; Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield even had sign-up stations in Goodwill stores.

Are you still uninsured?

If so, the article reminds you that:

With some exceptions, people who do not sign up for insurance by the March 31 deadline face financial penalties of up to 1 percent of their yearly household income, or $95 a person, whichever amount is higher. Some people can sign up throughout the year if they experience a major life change, like losing a job or having a baby. The next open enrollment period begins in November.

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