The Passing of Bowie and Frey is the Week Our Music Died

Are you a Boomer?

If so, last week may have been as sad for you as it was for some of us. The deaths of David Bowie and Glenn Frey led to some interesting conversations about which artist left a bigger impact on our lives, and a bigger whole in our hearts.

Which was it for you?

Winslow Celebrates Glenn Frey at Eagles –

Inspired Park

Standin’ on the Corner Park, Winslow | Greg McKelvey

The death last week of Glenn Frey, co-founder of the Eagles and author of several of the band’s most memorable songs, hit a lot of music fans hard. Residents of Winslow, though, had a unique connection to Frey and the band, and they honored it last week.

Winslow, of course, was immortalized in Take It Easy, a song Frey co-wrote and sang. As the line goes: “Well, I’m a-standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona / Such a fine sight to see / There’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford / Slowin’ down to take a look at me.”

The city commemorated its brush with fame by creating Standin’ on the Corner Park, located on the northwest corner of Kinsley Avenue and Historic Route 66. It features a statue of a guitarist, along with a flatbed Ford. Last week, residents and people passing through left flowers, candles and other mementos at the statue. NBC News has a video.

What’s your favorite Eagles song?

via Winslow Celebrates Glenn Frey at Eagles-Inspired Park

David Bowie’s Son Thanks Fans for

‘Incredibly Kind Words’

Duncan Jones, son of the late David Bowie, took to Twitter on Saturday to thank the legendary rocker’s fans for their support following his death earlier this month.

Jones, 44, tweeted a drawing of three hands giving a thumbs-up sign, along with the message, “Hi all. Just wanted to thank you for the incredibly kind words & thoughts. I’ll be easing my way back into Twitter.”

The British director had been silent in the wake of his father’s death from cancer on Jan. 10 at the age of 69, explaining that he would be “offline for a while.” He did, however, make a brief return to share a doctor’s emotional tribute to his dad.

Jones also posted fun photos and tweets about the upcoming “Warcraft” movie based off the game “World of Warcraft,” which he directed and will hit theaters this year.

via David Bowie’s Son Thanks Fans for ‘Incredibly Kind Words’

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