Pitfalls of the Wrong Travel Insurance

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This summer a couple from Anaheim asked me a question about travel insurance. They were flying to Central America for their wedding anniversary and wanted to know what kind of travel insurance made sense for them. Picking the right kind of travel insurance is easier with a professional who can assess your situation and your needs. Some low-cost travel insurance is downright insufficient, and could end up being a waste of money if consumers aren’t careful.

Here’s my advice to folks like the couple from Anaheim: The purpose of purchasing travel insurance is to allow oneself the ability to cancel a costly vacation if the unforeseen happens, so make sure your policy covers the full gamut of possibilities.  Avoid the pitfalls of the wrong travel insurance.

If you’re the kind of traveler who has a hard time making it to the airport on time, remember, travel insurance will not cover a trip because you arrive late and miss your flight. Also, be mindful if you’re travelling to a country that is experiencing civil unrest—like Egypt for example—many low-cost travel insurance plans do not offer trip cancellation coverage for acts of war. Finally, cancellation coverage will not pay your claim if a cruise or tour operator cancels a trip due to insufficient participation.

Another tip for the couple from Anaheim seeking travel insurance: purchase Cancel for Any Reason coverage. This type of travel insurance permits a person to cancel their vacation up to 48 hours before their departure without having to give a reason. Though it costs a bit extra, Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance could save travelers big dollars in the long run—dollars they can put toward their next dream vacation. For more information on travel insurance and low-cost travel insurance, contact George Geldin at (818) 889-5831.

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