Privacy Legislation Proposed for California

Is privacy important to you?
It certainly is important to us (which you might
have gathered since we wrote about this topic not
too long ago)!

Early this week, we received an email from an organization
we subscribe to (NAIFA: National Association of Independent
Fee Appraisers).  NAIFA-Privacy-Legislation

Advancing technology has made information collection, theft, and abuse easier. As such, this year Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) launched a new Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection chaired by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles).

With bipartisan support, Gatto and Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville)
recently introduced a package of bills that would bring attention to
privacy this session. The package of bills would protect consumers against
a host of privacy concerns including intrusive technology; creating a
minimum data encryption standard on personal data; barring drones from
flying over schools; requiring police agencies arm officers with
body cameras to develop a public usage policy; toughening penalties
for hacking data from a car’s computer; enhancing protections related to
“revenge porn”; and more.

While the issues are certainly at the forefront of the debate,
opposition to the approach of some of the measures that would toughen
privacy laws includes law enforcement and groups representing tech companies.
Law enforcement has cited that tougher privacy protections would conflict with
their ability to perform or deploy new tools, like drones. Tech companies,
on the other hand, are highlighting concerns related to the limitations on innovation.

The measures include:
AB 83 (Gatto) Would set encryptions standard for personal information in the cloud
AB 170 (Gatto) Would require the California Department of Public Health to inform parents about collection and retention of blood samples taken
SB 206 (Gaines) Would prohibit the collection of information from on-board diagnostics systems
SB 271 (Gaines) Would bar the use of drones over public schools

Which of these 4 measures is most important to you?

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