The Seasonal Flu Vaccine is Still in Season

DailyRx published an article that states that the CDC is tracking the flu across the country and found that it is still spreading.

So, have you been vaccinated yet?  If not, what is holding you back?

Check out these scary statistics:

    • The flu season, which typically starts in the fall and continues on during winter and spring, often peaks in January or later, reported CDC, so it is expected that instances of the virus will continue to rise.
    • During September 29 to December 7 (2013), 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico all reported influenza-positive tests.
    • So far during the 2013-14 flu season, the CDC has identified 221 different influenza viruses.
    • From October 1 through December 7, 531 confirmed flu-associated hospitalizations were reported — accounting for a rate of two hospitalizations per 100,000 Americans.

“Vaccination remains the most effective method to prevent influenza and its complications,” the report noted. “Health-care providers should offer vaccine to all unvaccinated persons aged [older than] 6 months now and throughout the influenza season.”

The authors of this report also noted that antiviral medications can help treat the flu and reduce serious medical outcomes from the virus. However, these influenza antiviral medications are most effective when started early in those with likely or confirmed flu, the researchers wrote.


The Seasonal Flu Vaccine is Still in Season
CDC’s Seasonal Flu Vaccine 52 week Map

The biggest tips are:

  • stay away from people you know are sick;
  • do not share food, utensils, nor linens with those who are sick;
  • do not touch frequently touched items (like door knobs, faucets, light switches, remotes, etc) with your bare hands and never before cleaning and disinfecting them; and
  • stay home if you feel sick!

Do you have more questions about the seasonal flu vaccine?

Want to know one of the best resources? Flu.gov

Check out their detailed infographic covering who should get vaccinated, how to get vaccinated, reactions to the vaccine, when to get vaccinated, and where to get vaccinated (we tried to fit it here for you, but failed).

Does your health insurance provide immunizations as part of your premium (some do)?

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