Summarizing Healthcare News of the Year Behind and….

Although we do hate to be trite, we suspect that at least part of you is looking forward to someone summarizing health care news of 2013 and, perhaps, a peak forward to at least one really cool health care advancement we see coming down the pike in the coming year.

Ok, first the recap.  Let’s blend two articles we saw that document the development of health care and “Obamacare” over the past year.

The first article , shared by Medcity News, is entitled “Healthcare’s most memorable TV moments in 2013.”  How many of these do you remember without having to click the link to read the details?

The second article, also published by MedCity News, is entitled “Hits and misses for the ACA in 2013: A year of Obamacare news.”  This artcle provides a chronological review of the past 12 months:

Whew…well, as much fun as that walk down memory lane was, let’s have even more fun looking ahead.  We found one interesting article that we wanted to highlight for you (yes, there are many articles that prognosticate about what the new year will bring, but since this is already quite a long post, we chose the one we thought you, our readers, might benefit from the most).  The article was published by University of Wollongong in Australiaearlier this month, entitled “BioPen to rewrite orthopaedic implants surgery.”  It’s a bit long so we’ll just summarize here for you.  The gist of the report is that there is now a BioPen that:

will give surgeons greater control over where the materials are deposited while also reducing the time the patient is in surgery by delivering live cells and growth factors directly to the site of injury, accelerating the regeneration of functional bone and cartilage.  The BioPen works similar to 3D printing methods by delivering cell material inside a biopolymer such as alginate, a seaweed extract, protected by a second, outer layer of gel material. The two layers of gel are combined in the pen head as it is extruded onto the bone surface and the surgeon ‘draws’ with the ink to fill in the damaged bone section.

Summarizing Healthcare New and....
A handheld bio pen developed in the labs of the University of Wollong in Australia

How cool is that?!?  But wait, check this out:

Once the cells are ‘drawn’ onto the surgery site they will multiply, become differentiated into nerve cells, muscle cells or bone cells and will eventually turn from individual cells into a thriving community of cells in the form of a functioning a tissue, such as nerves, or a muscle.  The device can also be seeded with growth factors or other drugs to assist regrowth and recovery, while the hand-held design allows for precision in theatre and ease of transportation.

Ok, that gives you the basics.  If you’re intrigued to read more details, please check out that link as it will take you directly to the article where you can read more.

Well, that closes out our year and begins our look ahead.

What of the above caught your attention the most?

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