Top 2 Key Consumer Complaints About Health Care Insurance

What are your top 2 complaints about health care insurance,
even after implementation of Affordable Care Act?  health-care-complaints

Even our informal poll shows that the top 2 complaints are:
1. Before I chose a new plan, I checked to make sure my doctor was included and yet, when I went for an office visit, s/he wasn’t actually in the new network; and
2. Why do I still owe money if I have insurance?

Well, apparently the White House Administration has heard your cries loud and clear and are prepared to fix those 2 complaints about your health care insurance.

The best article we found on the topic was emailed to us earlier
this month and seems to be reference by all the other sites we found.

“Federal health officials said this week that they would require insurers to update and correct ‘provider directories’ at least once a month, with financial penalties for insurers that failed to do so. In addition, they hope to provide an ‘out-of-pocket cost calculator’ to estimate the total annual cost under a given health insurance plan. The calculator would take account of premiums, subsidies, co-payments, deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs, as well as a person’s age and medical needs.

Medicare and Medicaid officials have found similar problems in the directories of insurance companies that manage care for beneficiaries of those programs. In December, federal investigators said that more than a third of doctors listed as participating in Medicaid plans could not be found at the locations listed.

“But insurers say that the problems might not be easy to fix, and that doctors are partly to blame for the directory errors. Insurers “are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the provider’s status” in a directory because doctors often “stop accepting particular health plans’ members off and on throughout the year and fail to notify the plan in a timely manner,” America’s Health Insurance Plans, the chief lobby for the industry, said in a letter to the Obama administration.”

Well, there you have it…the latest update on what the Administration sees as your issues and how they are planning on solving them.

What say you? Are you looking forward to these updates? Are they addressing your top complaints? If not, what are your complaints and how would you like them addressed?

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