5 Top Health News Stories from this Past Week

What health news caught your attention this past week?

So much caught our attention that we couldn’t choose just one article to share.
Here’s a roundup of the top X articles we think you should know about:

1. Aetna, Humana Shareholders Approve Proposed Merger

“Health insurer Aetna’s proposed $37 billion acquisition of smaller rival Humana Inc was approved by the shareholders of both companies.”

Why you should care: if you were thinking of signing up with Humana for the coming year, you might want to think again, unless Aetna is your second choice.

2. Hopes Dim For Deal To Avert Medicare Premium Spikes

“The window is closing for congressional leaders to avert the double-digit premium hikes that are set to hit 8 million.”

We probably don’t need to tell you why you should care about this one.

3. Medicaid Spending Soars – Mostly In Expansion States

“Medicaid spending soared nearly 14 percent last year—its biggest annual increase in at least two decades—as a result of millions.”

If you aren’t benefiting directly, you might be surprised to learn that you probably know at least 1 person that is benefiting.

4. Consumers Union: Doctors on Probation Should Tell Patients

“Consumers Union wants the Medical Board of California to require doctors who are on probation to notify their patients.”

Bet you didn’t know that this wasn’t already required….

5. A Year of Change for Health Care in the California Legislature

“California made national news last week when Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing doctors to prescribe a lethal dose.”

We know for some of our readers this is welcome news, and for others, not so much. Please share your views in the comments section below.

Did we miss any news that you think we should have included?

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