Are Your Valentine’s Day Plans Being Marred by the ObamaCare Deadline?

Are you unhappy with your 2014 health insurance choice?
Are you a procrastinator?
Have you been putting off diving into Covered California
so you can get a better health plan for 2015?

Well, your time is almost up.
The deadline is upon you: Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Although there are rumors that the deadline may be extended,
I do not recommend counting on an 11th hour reprieve:

“Health officials have left the door open for extending the enrollment period, knowing that many people will learn about the healthcare law’s individual mandate when they file their tax returns this April.”

What do you need to help you make this difficult decision

Maybe you need to read stories from some that are grateful for enrolling.
Covered California released a series of videos. Perhaps you can relate to
this woman’s story about caring for her asthmatic child:

Or this woman “who wanted a colonoscopy after her husband died of colon cancer”
and then found out she had cancer, too:

Maybe you need to know that the insurance companies in Covered California are held to a certain standard:

“UnitedHealthcare can’t have its cake and eat it too. That’s the message from the California health insurance marketplace, which turned aside a request from the nation’s largest health insurer to sell statewide on the exchange because it opted not to join when the effort was getting off the ground in 2014.

“California is one of a handful of states that adopted policies to encourage insurers to participate in the marketplace by creating waiting periods of up to three years if insurers didn’t participate the first year.

“Last month, California modified its position. Marketplace officials, who had originally said insurers could be locked out for three years if they didn’t join the marketplace in 2014, announced that some insurers — including UnitedHealthcare — could apply to sell in 2016, but only in a few areas that had a shortage of carriers.

“More consumer choice often results in lower premiums and innovation in benefit design in terms of finding ways to reduce costs,” says Pearson.”

Perhaps you need to be reminded of the potential penalties if you do not enroll:

“Those who don’t have health insurance coverage by the deadline will face a tax penalty on next year’s return.” (KPBS’ Feb. 10, 2015 post)

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