Ways to Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

So much to share about the last day of the first month of the health insurance exchanges, but it is Halloween so let’s focus on some of those scary statistics instead.

Previously, we shared with you healthy ways to celebrate Halloween, but for those of you that ignored our recommendations, here’s some info to scare you.

First, we found a USA Today article about the scary amounts of candy that will be consumed.

We heard a related radio article that the scariest part is not the amount of candy eaten on Halloween, but rather the amounts that continue to be consumed for weeks on end.

And we found this great graphic shared by ER Nurse’s blog:


scary halloween graphic
scary halloween graphic


So, what are the take-aways?  Nothing really new, just reminders:

  1. Candy, like most things, is ok ONLY in moderation;
  2. Do not eat anything that is not individually wrapped;
  3. Get the candy out of the house quickly (Monday would be a great day to turn whatever you have left to your local dentist buy back program);
  4. If you are driving, be extra careful of darkly costumed Trick or Treaters that may excitedly move in unexpected ways;
  5. If you are a pedestrian, be extra diligent of cars and others around you;
  6. If you are a parent, children under 12 should only Trick or Treat under adult supervision; and
  7. If you are costumed, please use reflective tape!

We could continue to share more, but why recreate the wheel that has already been built so beautifully by the SafeKids site.

Do you have tips that we didn’t think to share?

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